Capital One Snack Hoodie Commercial – Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley

Capital One Snack Hoodie

Capital One Snack Hoodie

Capital One has released a new commercial starring Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley and promoting the NCAA March Madness and the Quicksilver Card. While the first two settle in to enjoy some Final Four action, Barkley’s latest snack-facilitating invention comes to distract them all from the tournament.

“Yo, Charles, the game is about to begin!”, says Lee.
“I’m here.”, answers Barkley, showing up dressed in a hooded top, with the hood full of snacks.
“Dude, you do know you put your hoodie backwards, right?”, asks him Samuel L. Jackson.
“Did I?”, comes Barkley’s question. “It’s called a snack hoodie.”, he mentions and then takes a bowl of chips, puts all the chips in the hoodie, and starts eating from it.
“You’ve gone mad!”, exclaims Lee.
“It’s a very fine line between madness and genius.”, states Barkley, who keeps eating chips from his hoodie.
Samuel L Jackson asks him to lean the hoodie so that he could take a chip, and Spike Lee asks to let him get some, as well.
“I think we need to call the patent office.”, suggests Jackson.
“Split it three ways.”, asks Lee to Barkley, who negotiates: “Two and a half”.
Lee wants to know who gets the half and the answer (him) leaves him speechless. Jackson, though, is very amused by
Barkley’s response and starts laughing out loud.

As the spot ends, the Capital One Quicksilver Card is shown on the screen, along with the company’s tagline, “What’s In Your Wallet?”. The 2017 NCAA March Madness, debuted on March 14, will end on April 3.

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