Capital One CreditWise Commercial

Capital One Commercial

Capital One Commercial

Capital One has released a new commercial, promoting CreditWise, the free app that helps you protect your credit.
The 30-second spot features a couple approaching the Wise Man, who’s sitting on a stone in the desert, in front of his remote mansion.

“Wise Man, I’m nervous about things I can’t control affecting my good credit score”, reveals the woman.
“I see you’ve planted an uncertainty tree.”, says the Wise Man, raising a hand and adding, while hitting it with the other hand, “Chop that thing down”. He then informs her that the clarity she seeks lies within the CreditWise app from Capital One, and mentions that this app helps her protect her credit.

The woman doesn’t wait too long to take her smartphone out her pocket and check the app.
“And it’s completely free for everyone.”, specifies the Wise Man with a singing voice.
“It’s free for everyone?”, asks the woman’s husband, almost not believing it.
“Do Hawks use the stars to navigate?”, asks the Wise Man.

When the woman answers that she doesn’t know, the Wise Man says he thought she did because he doesn’t know either.
“Either way, it’s free for everyone.”, he confirms eventually, making the couple exclaim “Cool!”.
The commercial ends with the Wise Man saying the Capital One’s tagline, “What’s in your wallet?”.

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