BT Infinity Ryan Reynolds Advert – Manor House

Ryan Reynolds - BT Infinity Advert

BT Infinity continues its ad campaign starring Ryan Reynolds with a new spot, highlighting that the broadband provider has “the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi”.

The advert, titled “Manor House”, which went live on April 21, features the American actor in his “second home”, a huge mansion in the British countryside, showing off his BT Smart Hub and demonstrating how far his Wi-Fi reaches and how he can enjoy faster Wi-Fi in various rooms.

According to BT, its new Smart Hub, packed with new and impressive tech, can give you faster wi-fi connections in more rooms than the latest hubs from other major UK broadband providers.

This was the third ad Reynolds has made with the British broadband provider. Last year, Reynolds starred in a BT ad, hanging from a helicopter to show off the strength of his Wi-Fi.

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