Birds Eye Chicken Advert


Birds Eye Chicken

The international brand of frozen foods Birds Eye has released a new ad, highlighting that the Birds Eye Chicken and all the other frozen chicken products are made with 100% chicken breast.

The 30-second spot features the host of the show “Straight From The Freezer with Birds Eye”, saying that all Birds Eye Chicken is made with 100% chicken breast. “Let’s see what the man on the street thinks”, adds the presenter, waiting in vain a feedback from the respective man, who’s eating a quesadilla filled with Birds Eye Chicken. “He seems unavailable for comment.” – says then the TV host, switching to a random family to see what they think about the Birds Eye Chicken Grills. Seated at the table and enjoying their meal, the family members don’t say a word, uttering instead a “Hmm”.

“This has been Straight From The Freezer saying Birds Eye, we’re only content with 100%.”, says the presenter at the end of the spot.

Birds Eye is owned by Pinnacle Foods in North America and by Nomad Foods in Europe.

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