Beats by Dre Deshaun Watson Commercial Song – Be Heard

Deshaun Watson in Beats by Dre Commercial

Beats by Dre continues its Be Heard campaign, starring famous athletes, with a new film – this time about Deshaun Watson.

The video, released with the message “Stay true to your roots” and “Make your dreams a reality”, shows how the American football quarterback has inspired his family and the community from his hometown, Gainesville, Georgia.

Shot in Gainesville, where Watson has a way carrying his name, the film features him listening to music through his Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones while running, and talking about his town, that he describes as “one big family, where everyone kind of gathers all together to support one another”.

His family members are also shown as they share memories and thoughts about Deshaun. Thus, viewers get to know him from other people’s perspective and learn new things about him, such as that “You can’t help but to love him”, that he is a “bridge” for the respective community, that he made marriages and families “better”, that he is “the heartbeat of game”, that he has given gangs “real hope”, that he has taken the word “excuse” out of the game in his community, and that he has inspired gangs to be better and do better.

The “secret” for success is revealed by Watson himself : “I just stay focused. Stay on my own path. And just chase my dream”.

The film, featuring the track “The Way I Do” by Bishop Briggs, ends with the onscreen line “Deshaun Watson Will Be Heard”.

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