AT&T Mark Wahlberg & James Mardsen Commercial – Unlimited Plus Plan with HBO

AT&T Mark Wahlberg Commercial

AT&T Mark Wahlberg Commercial

AT&T has launched a new ad campaign, starring Mark Wahlberg, to promote the free HBO offer with its unlimited
mobile data plans, the app-based DirecTV Now service and the home Internet services.

The American actor, who reportedly landed an eight-figure deal with the telecom giant to be its new spokesperson and create original content for it, stars in three spots. One of them, titled “Unlimited”, promotes the company’s Unlimited Plus Plan, including HBO.

“We, the device loving people, want more than just unlimited data. We want unlimited entertainment, so we can stream unlimited action, punch unlimited robots, watch unlimited romance (if you’re into that).”, – says Wahlberg, who’s shown watching horse-drawn cars in front of the coffee shop he’s leaving, punching robots and passing by dozens of couples kissing on a beach. “But we also want more. Like unlimited HBO.”, adds the Ted star, sitting at a table in a bar. At this point, HBO’s West World star James Mardsen is showing up with several arrows stuck in his chest, asking “Can I stop dying now, Mark?”. “No, you can’t, mi amigo, it’s unlimited”, replies Wahlberg, complimenting Mardsen for his acting skills: “Besides, you’re really good at it, James”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to not settle for any unlimited data plan, specifying that only AT&T’s Unlimited Plus Plan comes with HBO included.

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