Apple Earth Day 2017 Commercial Song – Can a building breathe?

Apple Earth Day 2017 Commercial

Apple Earth Day 2017 Commercial

Apple has partnered with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation to create Earth Day lessons on iPad to help students explore, understand, and celebrate the world around them and has launched a new ad campaign for this year’s Earth Day, highlighting the company’s actions for preserving the environment.

“Can a building breathe?”, “Why does Apple make its own sweat?”, “Can we produce zero waste?”, and “Do solar farms feed yaks?” are some of the questions Apple employees give an answer to.

The answer to the first question is given by Apple’s VP of Real Estate, Dan Whisenhunt, who says that “Apple Park is one of the largest naturally ventilated buildings in the world, that has been designed with the environment in mind.” He then continues by explaining how the Apple headquarters breath.

“Most buildings are like motorboats. You know, you turn on the air conditioning systems to run between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and it just purrs. Well, our system of natural ventilation is like a sailboat. We run chilled water tubing through that concrete mass and then we use outside air to be our dominant cooling system and you’re using very little energy to get the tempered water to do this. So it’s a breathing building. And just another facility on our road to 100% renewable”.

The song used in the commercial is Carmen suite No. 2 by Georges Bizet.

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