Airbnb Commercial – Humanless Host

Airbnb Humanless Host

Airbnb Humanless Host

Airbnb presents the Humanless Host in its April Fools’ Day commercial.

“We at Airbnb believe in the future of convenience, where products and services are smart, and take care of all the
little things, so you don’t have to. That’s why we created a completely Humanless Host.”, says the voiceover at the
beginning of the spot, featuring a Humanless Host (a young guy with a large white box over his head) named Brandon as he engages in all kind of activities with a group of friends, such as hiking, surfing, attending parties, until he… encounters a technical issue.

The voiceover mentions that the “Humanless Host bridges the gap between what is magical and what is easy, bringing to life incredible experiences with the same perspective of an actual human being. They provide everything from activities that last a few hours to full 3-day immersions.”

As the spot comes to its end, the voiceover also says that “the Humanless Host is lo lifelike, you’ll completely forget they’re not human.”, but the images on screen show the opposite: he is called “Robot” at a party and asked to play a robot, he breaks in the woods, right before the rain starts, and falls into the sea while surfing, remaining behind his “friends”, who are looking for him.

“Meet Humanless Host” – is the final onscreen line, above a line of men wearing a white box over their heads.

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