AAMI Insurance Flexi-Premiums Gnomes Commercial Song

AAMI Insurance Gnomes Commercial

AAMI Gnomes Commercial

AAMI Insurance promotes, in a new 30-second ad, the AAMI Flexi-Premiums, which lets you choose how much you pay or save on your premium.

The spot features a married couple showing on what they spent the money saved by using the AAMI Flexi-Premiums: gnomes.

The woman got a gnome looking like her and her husband got one looking like him. “Oh, I like my gnome”, says the lady.

“And I like mine”, says her life partner putting on the table his gnome, holding a cup of coffee in his hand, just like the owner.

“And everybody loves my gnome”, says an elegant old lady, uncovering her elegant version of a gnome.

The spot ends with the three family members enjoying brunch together with an AAMI employee and their gnomes in the garden, while the voiceover states that AAMI Flexi-Premium lets you choose how much you pay or save on your premium flex if you go flexy and adding the company’s tagline, “insurance choices that help you save, that’s not very insurancey”.

The song used in the ad is, as always, Brenda Lee’s version of “Danke Schoen”, recorded for her 1964 album “By Request”.

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