Yves Saint Laurent Staz Lindes Commercial Song – Touche Éclat Le Cushion

Staz Lindes - Yves Saint Laurent

Staz Lindes – Yves Saint Laurent

The international fashion model Staz Lindes stars in the new advert Yves Saint Laurent, promoting the Touche Éclat Le Cushion product.

The french cosmetics brand invites you in the 50-second spot to “Relive the 25th anniversary of the iconic Touche Éclat with Staz Lindes and discover the new Touch Éclat Le Cushion foundation”.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Touche Éclat Le Cushion – 8 hours of beauty sleep on-the-go”.

The track playing in the background is “No Regrets” by American garage rock band The Von Bondies, from their second album, “Pawn Shoppe Heart”.

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