Volkswagen Golf Advert Song (Iggy Pop – The Passenger)

Volkswagen Golf TV Advert

Volkswagen Golf TV Advert

Volkswagen UK shows us “there’s power in a simple gesture” in its latest advert, featuring the new Golf R-Line with Gesture Control.

The 30-second spot starts with a black and white footage showing an orchestra leader conducting the orchestra,
a mother encouraging her baby to walk, and a police officer directing the traffic, and continues, after the line “There’s power in a simple gesture” appearing on the screen, with a man skipping to the next song, Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger”, from his 1977 album “Lust For Life”, by making a simple gesture.

The next scene showcases a Golf R-Line on a street, featuring standard touchscreen and Gesture Control (part of optional Discover Navigation Pro), LED lights front & rear, Active Info Display, Jurva Alloy Wheels, and metallic paint optional extras.

The advert ends with the brand’s tagline, “We make the future real”.

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