Vitabiotics Perfectil Nicole Scherzinger Advert

Nicole Scherzinger (Vitabiotics Advert)

Nicole Scherzinger (Vitabiotics Advert)

Nicole Scherzinger delivers an empowering message in the latest ad released by the British health care products
Vitabiotics to promote Perfectil, described as “the UK’s leading skin, hair and nails formula”.

The 30-second spot features the 38-year-old artist looking great from the moment she wakes up until late in the evening, when she, dressed in a flattering sparkling dress, gets out of a hotel to head to a party.

“How you look, how you feel, it comes from confidence. Having that inner light and giving back.”, states Nicole, shown also practicing her choreography and recording in the studio throughout the ad. She also shares some pieces of advice, while on the screen we get to see her finishing her perfect make-up before an event, and a box of Perfectil on her dressing table: “Whatever you do, give it your all. Be yourself. Be amazing.”

The advert ends with the voiceover saying the campaign’s tagline, “Perfectil – You Start From Within”.

The London-based company states that the Perfectil range, which was a pioneer in the concept of “beauty nutrition from within”, has been scientifically formulated by nutritional experts and contains over 20 micronutrients, including biotin and selenium, plus zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails respectively.

Nicole has revealed that Perfectil is her “go-to vitamin” and that she really feels her skin and hair “are more radiant and shining than ever before.” Vitabiotics collaborates also with David Gandy to promote its range of men’s supplements, Wellman.

Now, at Vitabiotics you can get 3 products when purchasing 2 and have free delivery in UK.

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