Violeta by Mango Commercial – The Same Look

Violeta by Mango

Violeta by Mango

Barbie Ferreira and Tania Llasera star in a new ad for Mango plus-size Violetta collection, showing us two ways to
interpret an outfit, because “the key is how you wear it”.

The 60-second spot, titled “The Same Look”, features Barbie (New York model and influencer) and Tania (actress and television presenter) sporting each of them the same outfit and highlighting that’s the attitude that matters, not the size. The first look, aiming to provide you with both comfort and style, introduces the perfect black mono crop for each day (€69.99), which enables you to make endless combinations for every occasion. The two Mando models are wearing it with a floral print blouse (€39.99), and a leather blucher (€59.99).

The second look, aiming to be “the perfect combination for a relaxed outfit”, includes a Gingham trench (€69.99), crop jeans (€39.99), the same leather blucher, accessorized with a mustard tone bag (€39.99) that adds color to the outfit and a large smile.

Barbie, Tania and internationally-acclaimed Spanish actress Rossy de Palma star in the #WeAreVioleta Campaign, launched on March 1 by Mango, and talk about beauty, affirming that there is no universal definition of beauty and empowering women to believe in themselves because their beauty is unique. To them, beauty means self-acceptance, kindness, being strong, having confidence in yourself, personality and charisma.

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