Uniqlo Denim Commercial Song – Girl Dancing in Gas Station

Uniqlo Denim Commercial

Uniqlo Denim Commercial

Uniqlo invites you to experience its most innovative and authentic denim pieces in a 30-second spot, marking the
launch of Denim Spring Summer campaign and promoting the limited-time deal for Boyfriend Fit Distressed Jeans, available now at $29.90 (reduced from $39.90).

The ad, released with the tagline “Distressed Denim. Imperfect yet perfectly at ease.”, features a young woman sporting a pair of Slim Boyfriend Fit Distressed Jeans who’s dancing in a convenience store, late at night, after having put gas. However, she stop when she notices, through the window, a guy fueling his car and ready to go in and pay. The latter, who’s also wearing Uniqlo Distressed Jeans, enters the store associated with the gas station, and – on the way – he passes by the girl – who’s leaving.

The song used in the ad is the 1979 single “Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson, from their album “Dreamin’ Wild.

The Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans, featuring a cut-off design and trendy stretchy distressed style that’s ideal for dressy and casual looks, are available now at a discounted price of $29.90, while the men’s distressed jeans are available at $39.90. Uniqlo’s range of jeans includes also Women Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Jeans, all available now at $29.90, Women Ultra Stretch Jeans ($39.90), Women Ultra Stretch High Rise Ankle Jeans ($39.90), Women Denim Jogger Pants ($39.90), Women Skinny Straight Jeans, available in blue, navy and black, now reduced at $19.90 from $39.90.

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