U.S. Cellular Frustration Elimination Bootcamp Commercial

U.S. Cellular Bootcamp Commercial

U.S. Cellular Bootcamp Commercial

U.S. Cellular has released a new commercial, inviting you to switch to Cellular’s new Total Plans with No Hidden Fees, including unlimited data for $40 a month per line with 4 lines.

The 30-second spot, titled “Frustration Elimination”, features a Frustration Elimination Bootcamp, where three persons, including an old lady using a crotch to walk, are helped by an U.S. Cellular “trainer” to weed out their frustration by hitting three punch bags, each of them representing “Monthly Connection Charges”, “Data Overage Charges”, and “Activation Fees”. After introducing the U.S. Cellular’s new plans with no hidden fees, the trainer invites his class to show their own carriers what they think of the plans with hidden fees, which makes the three persons to set on the punch bags.

“I had enough”, shouts the old lady while hitting the punch bag with her walking stick.
“Everybody’s had enough”, says the trainer, who then invites the other woman in the bootcamp to unwind with regard to Monthly Connection Charges.

“That’s on my bill?”, she screams with rage and goes at the punch bag fiercely.
The third punch bag, with “Activation Fees” on it, gets hit by the man from the bootcamp, who flinches when it falls to the ground. The twist comes from the old lady, who breaks her walking stick with her leg.
“New plans with no hidden fees including unlimited data for $40 a month”, says the voiceover at the end of the ad.

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