Tommy John Commercial – Kevin Hart in Briefs

Tommy John Commercial

Tommy John Commercial

The American apparel company Tommy John, that produces premium men’s underwear, undershirts, socks and clothing, continues its recently launched ad campaign, starring Kevin Hart and promoting the brand’s underwear.

The new 30-second spot, titled “Kevin Hart Power Moves”, stars the comedian giving a speech from behind a director’s chair. “I’m a mogul and, as a mogul, I have learned the key to negotiation. And that key is don’t negotiate. See when I make an offer that’s exactly what it is, it’s my offer. And if somebody comes in here and tells me that they want to adjust my offer, I tell them I don’t adjust anything. Then I show them what I mean.”, says Hart, moving away from the chair so that we could see his lower part of the body, which is covered only in briefs, Tommy John’s Briefs. “You see that? It didn’t move or anything. This is what a power move looks like.”, continues Hart, showing off some power moves consisting in letting himself down and then raising his knees. “That’s power.”, he adds, asking then where his pants are. “Actually forgot that I didn’t have my pants on.” – says Hart eventually.

The brand highlights, at the end of the spot, there’s “No pinching”, “No bunching”, and “No riding up”, and that,
practically, those wearing Tommy John’s underwear don’t need to make any adjustment, “No adjustement needed” being the brand’s tagline.

Hart is both an endorser for Tommy John’s underwear and also an investor. Being a longtime fan of the brand, he invested in the company and collaborated on a line, “Kevin’s Hart Morning Briefing”.

Tommy John’s range of underwear includes Second Skin Boxer Brief ($34), Second Skin Trunk ($31), Cool Cotton Trunk ($29), Second Skin Titanium Boxer Brief ($34), Second Skin Relaxed Fit Boxer ($34), and many others.

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