SuperLotto Plus Commercial Song – Sir Lucky Pants

SuperLotto Plus Commercial

SuperLotto Plus Commercial

California Lottery has released a new commercial, inviting you to make Six Lucky Picks and discover the possibilities of millions when you play SuperLotto Plus from the California Lottery.

The 30-second spot, created by the LA-based agency David&Goliath and titled “Six Lucky Picks”, features Sir Lucky Pants (one lucky guy who won SuperLotto) doing all kind of silly things with his money, that meet the SLP criteria, such as Saving Lost Puppies, having a Super Large Portrait of him on the stairs, wearing a king robe and petting a tiger, drawn by a professional painter, while he actually is wearing a tracksuit and is holding a cat.

The ad features Sir Lucky Pants also having tea with four friends, illustrating the idea of Summon Lifelong Pals, eating popcorn with his girlfriend, on the couch, while watching a live theatre play in his home, illustrating the idea of Stage Live Play, and sunbathing on a small yacht, on the sea.

The theme song playing in the background is “Voices Of Spring” by Felix Slatkin.

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