Subway Commercial – Italian Hero

Subway Sandwiches Commercial

Subway Sandwiches Commercial

Subway has released a new commercial, introducing the Italian Hero.

The 30-second spot features Frank, a young man having a Subway Italian Hero on the stairs in front of his flat, near an Italian market. When a friend shows up asking him what he’s got there, Frank answers that he’s got a Subway Italian Hero. At this point, a lady at a window makes a remark about the quantity of meat: “That’s a lot of meat on that sandwich”, and Frank lists the three Italian deli meats the sandwich contains: “Mortadella, spicy Capicola, and Genoa Salami” and continues with the other ingredients, such as provolone, which gets the attention of people around him. “Is that a Mediterannean regular smell?”, asks a man working at the nearby Italian store, who then receives a “yeah” in response. A young girl shares her thought about the Italian Hero, as well: “That thing is loaded”, she says, but Frank doesn’t get to say anything in return because a middle-aged man in a dark suit sits down next to him. “That’s a nice sandwich. You did good, Frankie”.

At this point, the lady at the window calls Tony, her husband, most probably, to see what Frankie did.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying that “Subway has the authentic taste everyone loves” and introduces the Italian Hero, described as “our better Italian flavour for a better Subway”.

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