Subaru Commercial – Mother Bear

Subaru Bears Commercial

Subaru Bears Commercial

Subaru continues its series of “Short Stories” with a new 30-second ad, featuring the AWD’s EyeSight driver assist system.

This new story, titled “Mother”, showcases Subaru’s “Priority on People” through safety, with the message “Safety for all you love.”, through a mother bear that takes a family’s Subaru AWD parked in front of their house, and goes, together with her two baby bears, fishing. On the way, the mother bear manages to avoid a collision with another car thanks to the EyeSight driver assist system, which sends an alert on the obstacle detected in front of the Subaru. After spending the day out fishing, the mother bear returns the Subaru and gives to its owners several fishes to express her gratitude for having given her the car.

Subaru’s committment to driver safety was the key objective behind the development of EyeSight, a system that recognizes other cars, pedestrians and cyclists, determining their distance, shape and speed of travel. EyeSight, based on two stereo cameras functioning similarly to human eyes and operating in concert with the engine, transmission and braking systems, can assist drivers in a variety of driving situations, helping them to reduce collision damage, even preventing the collision if possible. It also reduces fatigue on extended drives and stops acceleration in case the incorrect pedals are pressed.

The Japanese automobile manufacturer also highlights, in the commercial, that the driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving.

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