State Farm Insurance Commercial Song – Man Followed by People

State Farm Commercial - Man and Dog

State Farm Commercial – Man and Dog

State Farm Insurance has released a touching commercial, inviting you to “turn caring into doing” by finding and
volunteering for the causes that matter to you, right in your neighborhood, through

The spot, titled “Following” and running 2-minute long, features a man who sees posters promoting various causes
including animals, education, homelessness, veterans, health care, and is followed by representatives of the respective causes. Thus, in the subway, after seing a poster encouraging people to adopt a pet and save a life, he sees the dog used to promote the cause right near him, on the free seat, and finds himself followed by him. Later on, after liking a Facebook page named “Support Our Vets (Like if you agree)”, he finds himself followed by the veteran from the photo posted on the social network, after seeing on TV, while having lunch in a restaurant, worrying news about rising ┬ádropout rates, and a kid giving an interview, he finds himself followed by that kid.

Soon, the group following him everywhere gets larger, including probationer, a man in a wheelchair, homeless persons, sick kids, bullied kids, victims of domestic violence, immigrants, and even a polar bear.

As the spot comes to its end, the man, visibly overwhelmed by the emotions he experiences with regard to all these
causes, decides to turn his caring into doing and goes to a Community Mentoring Center to find a volunteer
opportunity. Before entering the building, looking behind him, he sees that the whole crowd disappeared
and feels much better.

The voiceover says that “you can live with the weight of caring by doing” and invites you to visit State
Farm’s to volunteer in your community.

The song used in the ad is a dramatic cover of the 2013 single “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya,
performed by Joy Williams.

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