Specsavers Kid Washing Vinyl TV Advert

Specsavers Kid Washing Advert

Specsavers Kid Washing Advert

Specsavers has released a new advert to promote its offer of kids get two free pairs including UV filter.

The 30-second spot, titled “Vinyl” and featuring jazz music playing in the background, shows a dad who tries to relax in the living room by cleaning a vinyl and listening to his favourite music, while his son is washing the dishes. After scrubbing vigorously, the kid tells his dad he can’t get a particular plate clean and the answer he receives is to try the scrubbing brush, which he does. When he gets the plate out of the sink, viewers can see that it was actually a vinyl. The usual line, “Should’ve gone to Specsavers”, appears on the screen.

Specsavers states that all glasses in kids’ £64 and £85 ranges are free with an under-16s’ NHS optical voucher and that you will also be given a second pair from the £64 or £85 ranges, free. Both pairs come with single-vision lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment and UV filter or you can choose to have tinted prescription lenses and UV filter free in your second pair. Moreover, kids under 16 get a free NHS eye test.

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