Southwest Airlines Dog Commercial – Noble Man Wanna Get Away

Southwest Airlines Commercial

Southwest Airlines Commercial

Southwest Airlines continues its “Wanna Get Away” ad campaign with a new commercial. After Fenwick, who was wanted by the enemy army and a fellow revealed his identity, while all the other soldiers tried to save him by introducing themselves as Fenwick, now there is nobleman who definitely wants to get away as he got himself into a quite “ugly” situation.

The new 30-second spot features a gentleman at a party who gets the attention of all the ladies in the room.

However, he decides to try his luck with a blonde woman, seated on a couch, in the other corner of the room, whose face he cannot see. Her long shining hair makes him take two glasses of champagne and go to her, but, when he gets there, with all eyes on him, he has the worst surprise ever: she is not a woman, but a dog.

“Wanna get away?”, asks the voiceover at the end of the spot, adding that now you can with Southwest fares as low as $59 one way. “Yes to low fares, with nothing to hide”, adds the voiceover. The airline promotes its Wanna Get Away Sale, valid for purchases made between March 21 and April 6, with Continental Travel from April 11 and June 14 and August 22 and November 1.

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