Sonnet Insurance Commercial Song – Bride in the Rain

Sonnet Insurance Bride Commercial

Sonnet Insurance Bride Commercial

Sonnet Insurance has released a new commercial, inviting you to protect your optimism, not just your things.

The 60-second spot features a bride standing in the rain, in a small clearing where the wedding should have taken place, but which is now empty, as the guests are running away to find shelter.

“Come on, rain. Is this the best you can do? This is all you’ve got? You see, all this stuff is just stuff. And there’s someone who can protect it. But my ability to go through life and no matter the circumstance, ask: what’s the best that can happen? That’s the most valuable asset I’ll ever own. And you can’t break that. Not now. Not after we’ve come this far”, says the bride, as her face is washed out by rain drops.

The new, fully-online insurance company, inspired by the power of optimism, has been bringing this power to life through different stories, created to help Canadians see what’s possible when they go through life and never stop asking “what’s the best that can happen?”. At Sonnet, buying home or auto insurance is quick and easy so you can stay optimistic during these life moments.

The theme song used in this ad is “Bride” by Humble Abode Music.

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