Slim Jim Commercial – Real Estate Agent

Slim Jim Commercial

Slim Jim Commercial

Slim Jim has released a new ad, highlighting that “when a bro sees another bro in need, he steps in” and inviting you to watch how the best real estate agent ever gets a guy out of a sticky situation.

The 15-second spot, titled “Real Estate” features a married couple watching a house.

“This house says to me we’re ready to have kids. And who cares if it’s over budget?”, says the woman to the real estate agent, who’s holding a Slim Jim bag in his hand.

Giving a forced laugh, her husband, holding as well a Slim Jim in his hand, makes a silent “No” in the direction of the real estate agent. Taking into consideration the man’s wish, the real estate agent comes up with a new “info” to make the woman not wanting the house anymore.

“One fact: this is where they found the body”, he says opening a door and showing a small room.
“What body”, asks the woman with a quite shocked expression on her face.
“Bodies”, he specifies smiling.
The spot ends with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline, “Snap into a Slim Jim”.

Slim Jim’s meat sticks and beef jerky snacks are bold, spicy and made out of the stuff men need.

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