Papa John’s Pizza Commercial – Celebration

Papa John's Commercial

Papa John’s Commercial

Papa John’s has released a new commercial, promoting its 2-Topping Pizza on Pan or Large crust for $9.99 deal, valid thru April 2.

The 30-second spot, titled “Celebration”, features the manager of Pizza Corp., showing to his team of specialists the new pizza, made with cheaper ingredients, supposed to be sold at a lower price. “Let’s all celebrate with a slice”, he suggests to the four persons at the table, but all he gets is refusal. “Hm, I’am allergic to triangle”, “I’m about to go swimming”, “Hm, I’ve just turned vegan” – are the excuses invented by his employees to avoid eating the new pizza.
“I’m only kidding”, says their boss, starting then to laugh out loud, which makes also his employees cackling.
“I wouldn’t make you eat that”, he adds.
At this point, the voiceover says “Just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean it’s better”. “That’s why our pizza are hand-made with better ingredients”, says Papa John.

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