New Balance Commercial Song – Thomas Barr (Letter To Future Self)

New Balance Commercial

New Balance Commercial

New Balance has launched a new ad campaign, titled #MyFutureSelf, inviting you to reflect on your values, convictions and experiences through a letter to your future self. Team NB members, such as world tennis star Milos Raonic, South African parkour athlete and professional stuntman, Kundai “Kenji” Murapa, Pro Skate boarder, X games medalist and architect Alexis Sablone, American middle distance runner Boris Berian, and 400m Hurdle Irish Record Holder Thomas Barr, have taken on this challenge and wrote to their future self a letter, revealing not only who they are, but also who they want to be.

The spot featuring Thomas Barr showcases that, after a hard training session, he finds a way to go even faster by
drifting. “Thomas, sure, after a hard day training session, you could slow down and rest like most other athletes. But what fun would that be? The truth is, you weren’t meant to stand still. You were made to go fast. So why go through the motions when you can go full throttle? Always follow your instincts. Even when they take you to the edge. Hurdles aren’t obstacles, they’re dares. So listen to that voice inside of you that whispers I Dare You.

Savor the moments when it’s all on the line because that’s when you’re most alive. Whatever you do next, never took your foot off the gas.” – is Barr’s letter to his future self, ending with “Yours truly, Thomas Barr”.

Among the featured New Balance products in the ad there are the Classic SS Logo Tee (£18 – £20), Sport Style
Pants (£48 – £60), D2D Run Short Sleeve (£35), Tournament Shorts, and others.

The song playing in the background is an instrumental version of the 2006 single “The Pot” by American rock band Tool, from their album “10,000 Days”.

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