Nando’s Grills Ed Sheeran & JME Commercial 2017 – Social Networks

Ed Sheeran & JME - Nando's Commercial

Ed Sheeran & JME – Nando’s Commercial

Nando’s UK has released a new series of NandosGrills, starring Ed Sheeran and JME, inviting you to see what happened when, fuelled with PERi-PERi, they caught up and gave their very frank opinion on everything from social media to LA parties and hanging out with Prince.

In the spot dedicated to social networks, the two musicians talk about what they have used. Sheeran reveals that he’s been on MySpace until recently, and that he thinks that he has messaged JME on MySpace when he was 16. The latter answers that he didn’t message him because he would remember. He, on the other hands, reveals that he checked every single thing on the social networks he was causing, from Facepic, Hi5, to all kind of websites. The two, who seem to really have fun together talking about this subject, get to talk also about followers, with Sheeran specifying that he’s got 9.3 million followers.

Another topic approached by the two artists, while having a meal at Nando’s, includes also Pharell.

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