Lexus RC Commercial Song 2017 – Captivate by Kathryn Raio Rende

Lexus RC Commercial

Lexus RC Commercial

“With its striking coupe body style and exhilarating performance, it’s hard to look away from the Lexus RC” – this is the idea behind the latest commercial released by Lexus to showcase the new RC.

The message is artistically and funnily conveyed in a 30-second spot directed by Filip Tellander and titled “Captivate”, featuring various traces on windows which do not reveal from the very beginning what it is with them.

For instance, a professional window cleaner sees a mark while washing the window and does not understand why it doesn’t disappear, eventually understanding that it’s from the inside. As the spot continues, viewers can see a cleaning lady looking out the window of a hotel room at a red Lexus, ignoring the hand shape imprinted on the glass window, and a man pushing his nose against the window of a coffee shop, while looking, as well, at a red Lexus RC parked outside.

The spot ends with a female voiceover inviting you to “Experience the captivating Lexus RC Coupe with available 306 hp”, and adding the brand’s tagline, “Experience Amazing”. The theme song, created specifically for the ad, is titled “Captivate” and is performed by Kathryn Raio Rende.

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