KFC TV Advert – Dirty Louisiana

KFC TV Advert - Dirty Louisiana Burger

KFC TV Advert – Dirty Louisiana Burger

KFC UK has released a new advert for the Dirty Louisiana, showcasing that it brings people together, despite the differences between them, in this case, a couple who’ve been dating for three months.

The 30-second spot, titled “Dirty Weekend”, features a guy who invited his girlfriend “on a dirty weekend”, at a music festival, where they were supposed to sleep in a tent, but, unfortunately, the weather was bad. “So when you invited her on a dirty weekend, this is not what you had in mind. And while she may think his idea of romance is the worst idea ever, at least they agree nothing satisfies like Dirty Louisiana”, says the Colonel, whilst on the screen the two lovers are shown indulging on Dirty Louisiana.

The advert ends with the Colonel saying the tagline “It’s finger lickin’ good”.

The new Dirty Louisiana burger, introduced by KFC UK to its range, is a mixture of the Original Recipe fillet smothered in three sauces (Black Pepper Mayo, Supercharger Sauce and BBQ Sauce) and joined by two layers of cheese, gherkins and even a cheeky hash brown.

The Dirty Louisiana will be available in KFC restaurants nationwide until March 26, at £4.19 (pricing may vary).

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