KFC O’Sanders Feast Advert – Irish Chicken

KFC TV Advert - Irish Chicken

KFC TV Advert – Irish Chicken

KFC UK shows us, in its latest advert, how to make the Irish chicken in the KFC O’Sanders Feast, which is 100% Irish, even more Irish.

The spot, created by BBH London and directed by Giles Ripley, stars a man introducing himself as the American marketing guy Randy O’Brien, who, riding a horse, presents the O’Sanders Feast and the ideas he’s got on how to make the chicken even more Irish.

“Hi. I’m KFC marketing man Randy O’Brien and this is the O’Sanders Feast, with real mashed potato and 100% Irish
chicken”, says O’Brien, continuing his speech with a question: “But how about we make this chicken even more Irish? Say, 200% Irish?”. He then lists his ideas to do so: chicken by the pot, chicken spelled the Irish way (Kentucky Fried Chi-oc-hi-an), the extended family bucket, enough for everyone, the air and jumper bucket of chicken, original Irish recipe chicken with eleven charms and wishes, and even water-resistant chicken.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying “The KFC O’Sanders Feast – 100% Irish chicken, 0% f… and nonsense”.

The St Patrick’s Day-themed bucket O’Sanders Feast, including 14 pieces of chicken, four servings of mashed potato,
two sides, eight onion rings and a 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink, is available in Ireland until April 23.

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