Intel 360 Replay LeBron James with Baby Head Commercial

Intel LeBron James Commercial

Intel LeBron James Commercial

LeBron James joins the line-up of sports stars that promote the Intel technology. After the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady ate a pancake off the floor for the company, the pro basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers shows us another side of him in a new commercial released by the world leader in silicon innovation.

The 30-second spot reveals “Another Side to LeBron” with the Intel 360 Replay technology, after a game that Cleveland Cavaliers won thanks to LeBron. While he celebrates the victory, hugging a co-player, the Intel 360 Replay goes back for the sportscaster/voiceover to see his face. “Is that a baby head?”, asks the voiceover, whilst viewers can also see a baby head instead of LeBron’s head. “I’m confused, but oddly intrigued.”, says the voiceover adding that he’s “never seen that angle before”.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Experience Intel 360 Replay” and with LeBron having his hands raised, but still with the crying baby head, that makes him look like a baby wanting to be picked up. “Ah, somebody pick him up!”, says the voiceover.

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