Hugo Boss Zac Efron Commercial 2017 – Hugo Man & Hugo Ice

Zac Efron - Hugo Boss Commercial

Zac Efron – Hugo Boss Commercial

Hugo Boss has launched the new ad campaign, starring Zac Efron and promoting Hugo Man and the new Hugo Ice.

The 20-second spot, released with the tagline YourTimeIsNow, starts with a close-up of the American actor’s eyes, and continues with him using Hugo Man, clenching his fists and jumping up the edge of a high rise building and walking on it.

Efron delivers an empowering message, inviting viewers to seize the moment and pursue their dreams: “Today is yours. Go after what you really want. Dare to take that first step”. “What are you waiting for for?” – he asks after having walked on the edge of the building.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying “Hugo Man and new Hugo Ice. Fragrance for Men”.

This is the first major fashion campaign of Zac Efron, who’s been announced the new face of Hugo Boss’s Hugo Man cologne on December 19, 2016.

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