HSBC Commercial – International Women’s Day

HSBC Women's Day Commercial

HSBC Women’s Day Commercial

HSBC is proud to #BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day and released a special commercial, celebrating all women, regardless of their nationality, background, or status.

“Something is building. A movement. A moment. Across cultures and boundaries, the foundations are being laid and built upon. Building momentum. Building character. And rebuilding others. Building up.. and knocking down. Bringing new attitudes and perspectives. Building bridges for our ambitions. At home, on the streets, and at work, we are building communities of empathy and understanding. Building on our similarities. Building on our differences.

Building on a diversity of thought. Because the things we build together help to build us all”, says the voiceover in the 60-second spot, featuring the British Cycling Rio Paralympic Team, the HSBC employee Sonal Sharma, Stress Testing Operations at GFC, Bangalore, Fiji Rugby 7s women’s team, female mechanics working at Caroline’s Cars, women working at London Prosthetic Centre, Katie Sharp, who works as a blacksmith, Sylvia Yin, entrepreneur and founder of Shopper App,  fashion blogger Massoom Minawala, and Cancer Research UK scientists working at CRICK.

The ad ends with the hashtag #BeBoldForChange and with the bank’s logo and the onscreen line “International Women’s Day”.

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