Commercial – First Date Commercial - First Date Commercial

“First Dates aren’t always rewarding, but is.” – this is the idea behind the latest ad released by

The 15-second spot, titled “First Date”, features a young woman in a restaurant comparing the photo posted by the man she’s seeing for the first time, after meeting him on a dating site, with his real face.

“I like your f…hair”, says the girl a little bit confused because the guy in front of her is very different – not in good way – by the guy she thought would meet.
“I like yours, too”, answers the man, who’s hair is similar with the woman’s. “Can I have some?”, he asks her, raising a brow.
At this point, Captain Obvious shows up, telling the guy “it’s not cool to ask that”.
“Thank, Captain Obvious”, says the young woman.

“Online dating isn’t always rewarding”, says Captain Obvious taking the wig off the guy’s head and adding “but is”. “Instant savings now, free nights later.” – says the voiceover at the end of the spot.

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