Hooters Girls Commercial – Buddies

Hooters Girls Commercial

Hooters Girls Commercial

Hooters invites you to turn your busted bracket into free wings for a year in its latest commercial, titled “Buddies”.

“At Hooters, you can watch the tournament with your buddies. All your buddies. Like the ones with ice-cold beer and one of a kind wings that are nothing but net. You know, buddies that you don’t have to fight for the remote, buddies who know a thing about basketball, and fans who live for it.”, says a female voiceover in the 30-second spot, presenting the Hooters girls as the “buddies”. “Where else you’re going to get all this?”, asks a Hooters girl with a large smile on her face.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline, “Your official hangout for game day”.

In order for you to be entered to win Free Wings For a Year (which you can share with your buddies, because misery
loves company), you are supposed to tell which selection strategy left your bracket in shambles. And you will be helped to see where you went wrong, as well, by a Hooters girl.

Among the Hooters girls starring in the commercial, who are an international icon and proud ambassadors of the Hooters brand, there is also Sable Jade Robbert, who won the 2016 Miss Hooters Beauty Pageant.

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