Halifax Thunderbirds Advert – Aloysius Parker and Lady Penelope

Halifax Advert - Lady Penelope & Parker

Halifax Advert – Lady Penelope & Parker

After having brought Top Cap out of retirement to use him in an advertising campaign, Halifax has released a new ad, bringing – this time – Aloysius Parker, aka “Nosey”, from the mid-1960s Supermarionation TV series Thunderbirds, out of retirement.

The 40-second spot features Parker, who is employed at Creighton-Ward Mansion by Lady Penelope and serves as her butler and chauffeur, driving the FAB 1 (a modified, pink Rolls-Royce) through the city and listening to Penelope’s instructions. After answering “Yus, M’Lady” (his catchphrase), like an obedient employee, to all her requests (involving collection money for races and tidying up the mansion), he asks her permission to go to the bank. Receiving the green light, he enters the Halifax branch and asks the bank officer welcoming him to help him send a letter.

The next moment, he receives the greatest news ever, that he won the top prize (£500.000) in the Savers Prize Draw. “What do you think you’ll spend it on?”, asks the lady after handing him the cheque over. “I’ll think of something”, answers Parker with his heavy Cockney accent, not showing a bit of enthusiasm while turning his head a little bit and looking through the window, at Penelope, who’s waiting for him in the car.

As the spot comes to its end, viewers get to see what Parker decided to do with the money. While Lady Penelope is calling him desperately in the mansion by ringing the bell, he is on an exotic island, enjoying a sunbath and a cocktail, and the company of a brunette who’s waving at him from the sea.

Halifax, that gives its customers the chance to win a cash prize every month just by saving, informs viewers that, in June, there are two £500.000 top prizes (usually, the top prizes are of £100.000). For details regarding draw dates and prizes, and all the latest news, you can visit the bank’s dedicated website.

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