Google Assistant Commercial

Google Assistant Commercial

Google Assistant

Google has released a new commercial, introducing Google Assistant, rolling out to Android M and N phones starting today.

The American multinational technology company highlights that Google Assistant is your own personal Google, always ready to help, regardless of where you are, canoeing on a river, at the theater, at the market, in the city center, on a stadium, in the kitchen, or in a train. Ask it anything, from who invented sushi, to capitals of African states or the weather in the place you’re going to, and tell it to do things, such as resuming your favorite show on TV, making a reservation, remind you to buy more flour at Alan’s market, or to pick up a birthday card, and your instructions will be promptly followed.

Your Google Assistant continues to learn over time, working with your favorite services and home devices. With the help of your Assistant on Google Home, you can shuffle your playlist on your phone, stream videos to your TV, turn down the heat or dim the lights.

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