GoDaddy Commercial – The Internet Reunites With Sister Television

GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy continues its ad campaign featuring the Internet as a person, launched at the beginning of this year, with a series of new spots starring the Internet getting personal in a tell-all interview with Noelle, the host of a TV show.

The Internet, who has written a memoir titled “My Life As The Internet”, described by critics as “the finest work since the Harlem Shake”, talks about his hatred of spam, about how his acronyms changed the world, about his addiction to cute animal videos, about his painful memories of dial-up, and about “The Dress” that made him famous (note: in the first commercial starring The Internet as a person, The Internet appeared bare chested, looking into a dressing for something to wear and trying to decide between two dresses). But, most importantly, the Internet reunites, on Noelle’s show, with his estranged sister, Television, after years of family feuding.

“Now, fame isn’t easy. And in your book, “My Life As The Internet”, you mentioned the price it’s had on your
relationships.”, approaches Noelle this delicate subject.

“Yeah, my sister, TV. She hasn’t spoken to me in years.”, reveals the Internet, continuing to explain, in response to Noelle’s question “Why?”: “She was the popular one, then I came along, the Internet, (the public screams with enthusiasm), and people started liking me… a lot. And we started cutting the cord… with her. And I think she really resented that”.

“Well, my producers made a few calls and we have a little surprise for you.”, says Noelle, asking then TV to come on out.

At this point, the Internet’s sister, TV, shows up and the two hug each other with the audience applauding them.
When Noelle is trying to get closer and be part of their emotional reuniting, the Internet pushes her away.
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