Fruit of the Loom Commercial – Grizzly Bear

Fruit of the Loom Commercial

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom has released a new commercial, promoting the EverSoft Tee, described as “a tough shirt with a soft side”.

The 30-second spot features a young man telling “The Most Epic Soft Story Ever Told”. He starts by saying, while
holding a puppy in his hands, that “Some people think talking about soft things makes you a softie”. “So I’m gonna
talk about the incredible soft Fruit of the Loom EverSoft Tee. I’m gonna do it while riding a grizzly”, he states and then jumps up on a grizzly that utters a roaring growl. “And if I’m going to go on about how the 100% EverSoft cotton feels like a poem against my supple skin…”, he says while carrying with a rope a truck with the brand’s logo on it, “I’m gonna do it in the manliest way possible”, he continues the pghrase after passing through a brick wall. “Because the only way to express that this lay flat color stays true, like my heart”, he says while tattooing himself on the neck, “is with machismo” (at this point, he is shown in the woods, shaving his beard with a hatchet, then being hit in the chest with a plank, and then “receiving” a piece of concrete in the head).

The spot ends with the man performing a stunt with a motorcycle in the air and saying, in the meantime, while
“flying” in front of a huge poster featuring the brand’s EverSoft Tee, “The Fruit of the Loom EverSoft Tee. You don’t have to be softie to love how soft it is”.

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