Foxy Bingo Advert – Heather Graham

Foxy Bingo - Heather Graham

Foxy Bingo Advert

Best Bingos has released a new advert, revealing the face of Foxy Bingo as Heather Graham and promoting the “Million Squid Giveway” game, with total prizes of £1 million.

The 30-second spot features Foxy in his Paul Smith suit, on the set, filming for the ad. “Play Million Squid Giveway today”, says Foxy dancing, with a dancing crew behind him. When the director says “cut”, Foxy starts talking (with a female voice) with the director about the ideas he had. “I can do Foxy’s voice, but I’ve had a few ideas about his character, too”, says Foxy, asking if they can introduce more pathos. “Let’s just get this in the can”, answers the director, adding “and you can have your pathos”. At this point, Foxy gets the mask off and viewers can see Heather Graham. “Perhaps behind the smile he’s endured some great emotional trauma, maybe it’s an identity crisis”, she says, while the director tries to get rid of her by nodding and giving “Sure” and “Right” as a response. “Let’s go, everybody”, he then shouts, leaving Heather keep talking about Foxy’s identity crisis: “Am I a man? Am I fox? I don’t know. It’s so confusing”.

The ad aired on ITV, during the soap-opera Emmerdale, and it has definitely shocked some of the viewers. The Hangover actress confessed that she was happy to take on this challenge because she’s never gotten to play a man or a fox, and that she especially loved wearing the tail.

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