Ford Kuga TV Advert – Active City Stop

Ford Kuga TV Advert

Ford Kuga TV Advert

Ford UK has released a new advert, introducing the new Ford Kuga and showcasing some of its smart safety & security features designed around you.

The 30-second spot showcases how the Active City Stop technology works while a young photographer heading to
get a job done drives through the city a black Kuga. Active City Stop monitors the road ahead and can even help brake for you when it needs to, to avoid low speed collisions. If the system detects the car in front has unexpectedly stopped, it automatically applies the brakes.

The American multinational automaker highlights that Active City Stop technology is not as standard on every vehicle and activates only when travelling at a speed of under 30mph/50 km/h, and that Driver Assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgement and need to control the vehicle.

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