Enterprise Rent-A-Car Commercial 2017 – Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur - Enterprise Rent-A-Car Commercial

Martin Brodeur – Enterprise Rent-A-Car Commercial

Enterprise Rent-A-Car continues its ad campaign with a new celebrity promoting the company’s services.

After Kristen Bell, now the legendary goalie Martin Brodeur stars in a spot, talking about all the places life takes him.

“Life takes me, Martin Bordeur, a lot of places. And Enterprise is always there to help”, he says. “I can rent an SUV for family trips to the playoffs, or a truck to haul my hardware. I can buy a used car, or share a car. I can even rent an exotic for my midlife crisis. Plus, Enterprise picks me up”, adds Brodeur, inviting you to “rent, buy, or share” and asking you “How can Enterprise pick you up today?”.

The American car rental company highlights “there’s power in every pick up” and aims at helping kids to pursue their dreams of practising a sport by providing them with the car ride home. Enterprise is making it easier for youth athletic teams and activity groups to raise money for team expenses through its Youth Sports Fundraising Program, allowing supporters to contribute to their favorite teams and groups when booking qualifying rentals through Enterprise.

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