eBay Fashion Commercial

eBay Fashion Commercial

eBay Fashion

eBay has released a new commercial, inviting you to choose your style on eBay Fashion.

“Every day, you have a choice: to wake or get snooze, to go high or low, to own the trend or create your own, to choose your own style”, says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, featuring, on the screen split in two, a woman making different choices: one day waking up as soon as her alarm clock rings and another day getting more sleep, one day choosing to wear high heels and another day going for sneakers, buying via eBay a trendy purse and sporting it in various outfits.

“Find the looks you love and the brand you want for less”, says the voiceover at the end of the ad, adding the eBay Fashion tagline, “More Ways to Choose Your Style”.

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