eBay Commercial – Extra Cash for Spring Adventures

eBay Commercial

eBay Commercial

eBay has released a new ad, inviting you to make extra cash for spring adventures.

“How far can eBay take you? Sell the things you no longer need and hit the road this Spring” – is the message conveyed in the 15-second spot, featuring a young couple who decide to sell some of their belongings on eBay to make the money they need for the road trip they’re planning. Thus, a black leather jacket, an old guitar, a tablet, vinyl records, a new but unused Kate Spade Purse (with tags) end up on the website and find themselves new owners. The ad showcases that the guy receives a text message every time an item listed by him is sold, with information about the price paid for the respective item.

“Good bye, extra stuff. Hello, road trip!”, says the voiceover at the end of the spot, inviting you to “see how far eBay can take you”, while on the screen the couple is shown getting ready to hit the road. The final onscreen lines are “Sell. Get Paid. Make the Most Out of Spring”.

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