Dr Pepper Commercial – CraveRider Watch Party

Dr Pepper Commercial

Dr Pepper Commercial

Dr Pepper has released a series of new commercials, highlighting there’s only one thing more powerful than a Dr Pepper craving: “a powerful hero on a wave of Dr Pepper”, named CraveRider.

The 30-second spot titled “Watch Party”, features CraveRider showing up at parties where people are craving a Dr Pepper and fulfilling their wish. Well, not every single time. And he definitely is not the most kind person. On one of his “missions”, when he says he finished all the cans and one guy articulates that, according to his song, he always has Dr Pepper, the WaveRider splashes him with a wave of Dr Pepper and, before heading out on his motorboat, he causes more damage in their house by pitching a rack. “See you, guys!”, greets the WaveRider the three friends as he leaves.

The spot ends with the brand’s tagline, “The One You Crave”.

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