Dockers Game Changers Commercial 2017 – Cyril Paglino

Dockers Commercial - Game Changers

Dockers Commercial – Game Changers

Dockers has launched a new ad campaign, celebrating the Game Changers, those who have pursued their dreams and triumphed.

So far, two 60-second spots have been released, starring Pau Cuervo, founder of ElkanoData, a global information
design agency based in Barcelona, and Cyril Paglino, founder of Tribe, a one-handed videochat app.

The latter is followed by a Dockers cameraman throughout the day, from the moment he leaves his house in the morning, riding the bicycle to the office, at Tribe’s headquarters, in the lunch break, until he ends the work day and goes to the Golden Gate Bridge. On the screen, viewers can see the things the 30-year-old entrepreneur has shared with the Dockers team, such as how he started out Tribe. “The Bay area is the ideal location for us. I wanted a better way to communicate with the ones I care for. So I decided to create it”.

The men’s clothing brand highlights that “we came this far” thanks to “bold and challenging” ideas and invites you to “let yourself be heard”.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Let’s keep this brave innovative spirit alive” and with the invitation to find out more about Cyril at the brand’s website.

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