Delta Air Lines Kevin Hayes Commercial

Kevin Hayes - Delta Commercial

Kevin Hayes – Delta Commercial

Delta Air Lines invites you to see how the New York Rangers’ Kevin Hayes is keeping it cool in a crazy city, in its newest episode of Find Your Center.

The spot, titled “Slicing with The New York Rangers’ Kevin Hayes” and starting with low crowd noise and pucks sliding on ice, features the professional ice hockey center with a napkin on his chest, delivering an empowering message to the viewers. “Think positive. If you get called for slashing, then icing, that’s slicing”, says Hayes, grabbing a slice of pizza and having a bite.

“Fly like a pro and you could win a trip to watch the Rangers play. Pizza not included”, says Hayes at the end of the spot, while in the background the crowd can be heard cheering. The final onscreen line is the airline’s tagline, “Fly Like A Pro”.

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