Delta Air Lines Commercial – Jordan Clarkson & Chris Stamp

Jordan Clarkson & Chris Stamp - Delta Commercial

Jordan Clarkson & Chris Stamp

Delta Air Lines is bringing together the Los Angeles Lakers player Jordan Clarkson and fashion designer Chris Stamp to create a streetwear style fit for Jordan and Lakers fans. The airline has released a commercial, introducing the two “dreamchasers” “beyond the court”, highlighting that they need your help.

The 60-second spot starts with the message that, “in LA, everyone has a dream”, “even a Lakers rising star”, and features Jordan Clarkson, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. “What do you see here? Some people see clothes. But I see canvas.”, says Jordan, adding that “The way you dress, your style, what you wear is definitely the first and last impression you leave.”. LA fashion designer Chris Stamp is shown, as well, as he meets up with Jordan to work together. “Having a unique style has always been a part of my dream. On and off the court.” – states Jordan, who adds that Delta is teaming up with Chris Stamp to take his fashion dream to the next level.

“But we need your help. Join us Beyond the Court”, concludes Jordan.

The airline invites you to enter at Lakers website, in the “Beyond the Court” section, for your chance to help Jordan and Chris create the ultimate fashion look.

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