Dell Chitale Dairy Commercial – Man with Cow

Dell Cow Commercial

Dell Cow Commercial

Dell invites you to see how Dell Technologies is helping to transform dairy cows into living, breathing data centers and revolutionizing the dairy industry in a 30-second ad.

The spot, titled “Magic with Chitale Dairy”, features a man on a scene, giving a speech in front of an audience, while next to him a cow is standing. “A dairy cow that tops the farmers. What kind of sorcery is that? Something magic one kind. It’s the RFID collar and Internet of things kind, created with Chitale Dairy, so every cow can let farmers know how she feels and what she needs to be healthier. All with a simple text.”, says the man, taking then his smarphone out of his pocket to show it to the public. “Magic can’t make digital transformation happen, but we can. That’s the power of vmware, part of Dell technology.”, says the man at the end of the spot.

Chitale monitors dairy cow habits and health using IoT sensors and automates and improves milk production through a high-speed network.

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