Credit Karma Commercial – Mannequins in Air Balloon

Credit Karma Commercial

Credit Karma Commercial

Credit Karma invites you to get your free score right now in a hilarious new commercial, titled “Contingency Plan”.
The 30-second spot features a couple trying to fake their own death, by sending two mannequins up in the air with an air balloon.

“We just fake our own deaths, move to a new town and our credit debt will be as good as new.”, says the guy to his
“Shouldn’t we check Credit Karma first?”, asks the girl.
“This is our chance for a fresh start”, argues her boyfriend, putting a blonde wig on and then asking her what she thinks about the name Burt for him.

Ignoring his last question, she concludes firmly: “We’re checking Credit Karma!”.
“Fine”, agrees her boyfriend, holding a bow in his hands, ready to make the balloon blow off as soon as it gets high.
“But as soon as we find out how bad our credit is, we fake our own deaths, deal?”, asks the guy, practicing his first shot.

His girlfriend agrees and they both start checking their credit. Learning that it’s not as bad as they thought and that Credit Karma has tips on how to make their credit work, they decide to postpone faking their deaths. “Well, we can always fake our own deaths some other day.”, concludes the guy.

The spot ends with the voiceover inviting you to get your free score right now, at Credit Karma, and with the company’s tagline, “Give yourself some credit”, on the screen.

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